About Us

Accspert have their headquarters in Basel and are entered in the Swiss commercial register. The company sees itself as an electronics store that buys and sells. The product range is carefully selected and includes photography, smartphones, PCs, notebooks, game consoles and games as well as hi-fi. In each of these areas, only very specific devices are sold to and from that we believe are special. Because that’s what we want to sell to our customers, something very special.


We are convinced that the activity of our company should strive for three important values.


There are many valuable resources in every electronic device that are finite. Through our business activities, we bring devices back into circulation and thus prevent new devices from being bought and new valuable raw materials being used up again. We repair and extend the use of a device, which is the most important step before recycling in order to use raw materials sustainably. We promote the sale of remanufactured equipment, an important activity that, like repairing, promotes the long-term use of equipment. Accspert is therefore part of an ecologically sensible act.


There are many people who cannot afford high-quality electronics, but would still like to have them. Through our work we enable these people to buy electronics cheaply. It is important to us to sell high quality electronics so that people with little money can get away with the need to buy low quality electronics. Based on the assumption that high-quality electronics last longer, we help economically weak people twice, once with the purchase and then with the longevity. Accspert is therefore part of an economically sensible act.


We are specifically opening stores in socially disadvantaged regions and offering electronics there at low prices. We become part of this region and, in the best case scenario, we redistribute electronics from people with money to people without money. People who can afford new electronics help by selling their devices to us people with little money. In our business, socially disadvantaged people can seek advice and find a competent partner. This gives them access to high-quality electronics and also enables them to make better use of other options such as the Internet. Accspert is part of a meaningful social act.


In the future, people will not just sell their electronics to the most bidders for the money. They will join our values and sell electronics to us and buy from us. Accspert becomes an important player in the market for buying and selling electronics that is known throughout Switzerland. We are revolutionizing the private sale of electronics. Sellers sell theirs Electronics easily through our website or in our stores. Without waiting and negotiating, they get money and participate in an ecologically, economically and socially sensible idea. Buyers see Accspert as an important place in their immediate neighborhood where they can buy high-quality electronics and where they can get expert advice. Our existence is perceived by people as a useful and meaningful contribution to society.

Dear reader, you too can become part of our great idea!

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